WAIMH 2021 Hybrid - Explained

WAIMH 2021 Hybrid - How will it work?

WAIMH 2021 will be held from 22 – 26 June 2021 and will be a Hybrid Congress – a blend of in-person in Brisbane, Australia and virtual on-line (both interactive and on-demand). As a consequence of COVID-19 and Australian government restrictions on travel, it is likely that only Australian residents amd possibly travellers from New Zealand will be able to attend in-person.

If travel allows, you can participate in WAIMH 2021 by attending the Congress live in Brisbane at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. For those unable to travel, you can participate in WAIMH 2021 virtually (on-line) from your home or office.

The Hybrid format of WAIMH 2021 creates an opportunity for even more people to participate than before. We encourage those who may not have attended WAIMH 2021 in person, to consider registration as a virtual attendee.

The Scientific Program for WAIMH 2021 will consist of all current accepted presentations. The only difference, as explained below, is how the program will be offered, to ensure that WAIMH 2021 Hybrid will be a truly global Congress, with full participation in multiple time zones.

The Scientific Program for WAIMH 2021 will be broken down into three (3) opportunities;

  • WAIMH 2021 – Live to the World
  • WAIMH 2021 – Live in Brisbane
  • WAIMH 2021 – On-demand

The WAIMH 2021 five day program has a live component which has been designed to allow participants from all around the world access to view and participate in a variety of live sessions. Throughout the live program, there will also be various opportunities for networking, coffee chats and other activities to unite the participants of WAIMH from all corners of the world.


WAIMH 2021 - Live to the World

Live to World will deliver the below presentations in a live and interactive format via the Virtual Congress Platform across the 5 day WAIMH Congress, 22 – 26 June 2021.

  • Keynote
  • Masterclass
  • Invited Symposia
  • State of the Art Lecture
  • Presidential Symposium

The content will include presentations scheduled at specific times across the 5 day program and spread out across each day, to allow attendees from different time zones to participate in as many as possible live. These presentations will be recorded (including the Q&A) and made available within WAIMH 2021 On-demand for viewing by those attendees who were unable to watch live. The WAIMH 2021 Live to the World program conveniently displays the program timings converted into the main time-zones around the world.

WAIMH 2021 - Live in Brisbane

The live in Brisbane program is designed for attendees who will be participating in person at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, in Brisbane, Australia. This program has been designed to include a mixture of content from the Live to the World program through live keynotes, masterclasses, invited symposia and state of the art lectures, interspersed with sessions with a Bi-National (Australia and New Zealand) focus. These Bi-National sessions will be delivered during the middle of day, and will be exclusive access for in-person registrants only. The live in Brisbane program will also include catering breaks, face to face networking with sponsors and exhibitors, welcome reception and Congress Dinner. In-person attendees participating in the Live in Brisbane program, will also have access to Live to the World program and the On-Demand program.

WAIMH 2021 – On-demand

WAIMH 2021 On-demand will provide all registered attendees 24/7 access to over 200 hours of WAIMH Congress program content for six (6) months. Presentations accepted for the below presentation types, will be presented via a pre-recorded video presentation and will be available as part of WAIMH 2021 on-demand;

  • Brief oral presentation
  • Symposium
  • Workshop
  • Video presentation
  • Poster PDF’s

Presentations for the above presentation types, will not be allocated a specific presentation day or time in the program, rather the presentations will be available 24/7 for on-demand viewing by registered attendees. Complementary to the above presentation content, all recordings of the Live to the World content presented during 22 – 26 June, will be available to view as part of WAIMH 2021 on-demand.

WAIMH 2021 on-demand will be available during the Congress dates (22 – 26 June 2021) and for six (6) months post Congress. Therefore there is plenty of time to view all of the content.

How do I access the WAIMH 2021 Virtual Congress Platform?

Access to the platform will be via a unique log in and available for six (6) months post Congress dates. The platform is a repository for all the presentations (live, pre-recorded, on-demand and posters) and represents more than 200 hours of content.

All in-person delegates will also receive full access to the WAIMH 2021 Virtual Congress Platform during the congress and for six (6) months post Congress to view all other program content.

How will I engage with presenters and network?

Question and Answer (Q&A)

Each live and on-demand presentation will have a question and answer section available next to the presentation. Participants can ask a question of the presenter, by typing their question into the box on the Virtual Congress Platform.

For live presentations (live to the world), these questions will be moderated live by the session chairperson. The session chairperson will read the questions to the presenter and the presenter will answer live. After the live session, and during the dates of 22 – 26 June a text based Q&A will remain available. The presenters will be encouraged to monitor their own Q&A text feed to answer any questions received.

For on-demand presentations, the presenter will be able to respond to any questions asked or comments, via return typed text.

Meet the Presenter Opportunity

Each presenter will have to the opportunity to arrange and nominate times that they wish to be available to engage with attendees live via zoom, or equivalent video platform during the Congress Dates 22 – 26 June 2021. This is an optional extra for presenters, so not all presenters may take up this opportunity. Details of when presenters may be available to network live face-to-face will be made available in advance as well as alongside their presentation details in the Virtual Congress Platform.

How do I find what I am interested in viewing?

All presentations, including posters will have search functionality making it easy for attendees.

Filter by a specific theme, presenter surname or particular presentation title.

Build your agenda

The Virtual Congress Portal will allow attendees to bookmark presentations they are interested in viewing and to build a personalised agenda. Alongside each presentation, attendees will be able to view the abstract and biography as well as the opportunity to interact directly with the presenter (via direct message).